Yoga Retreats around the World

March 16, 2016

Yoga Retreats around the World

The physical, spiritual and mental practice of yoga originated in India and spread all around he world. It was perceived as a physical exercise for a long time. However, in traditions of Hinduism, it has many spiritual and meditative aspects. In today’s society, yoga plays an important role in people’s lives, as it helps them reduce stress and increase their focus and productivity. If you are looking for a yoga retreat to visit on your next vacation, here is a list of some of the best ones we found.

The Bahamas: The island of Bimini offers a combination of yoga and swimming with dolphins, as well as breathing exercises and meditation sessions. The trip to Bimini is a great opportunity for you to bring new energy into your body and mind. To learn more, please visit Atlantis Rejuvenation Center.

The Maldives: COMO Shambhala Retreat is a rather luxurious place, offering different spa packages, as well as a pavilion for yoga practice. The pavilion is located in such way, that you can see the sunrise while you practice yoga in the morning. To learn more, please visit Como Shambhala Yoga Retreats.

Mexico: The Maya Tulum is situated on the Mayan peninsular. It has a lot to offer both newcomers and experienced yogis alike. They offer spa treatments, yoga classes, healthy meals and fresh juices. You also have an opportunity to book a location near the ocean. To learn more, please visit Maya Tulum.

India: If you are a fan of hatha yoga, choose Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Ashram in Kerala. There you can find a two-week-minimum hatha yoga class program which adheres to a strict schedule. The classes take an entire day. They include yoga, chanting and meditation. To learn more, please visit Sivananda Ashram Yoga Camp

Greece: This retreat is probably the most quiet and peaceful on the list. Angela Farmer and Victor Van Kooten’s yoga hall is located near the beach in the Eftalou Valley. They offer scheduled morning sessions of asana and meditation as well as pranayama in the evening. To learn more, please visit Angela Farmer and Victor Van Kooten’s yoga hall.

Ireland: On an island off the West Coast of Ireland, you can find the Clare Island Yoga Retreat Centre. It offers classes on meditation, as well as Yin and Ashtanga yoga. You can also try local organic meals and hiking expeditions. The entire retreat runs on solar energy and wood-burning stoves. It has a very warm and welcoming atmosphere that is sure to please students of all levels.  To learn more, please visit Clare Island Yoga Retreat Centre.

Montana, U.S.: If you like yoga and skiing, this is the place to be. At Big Sky in Montana, you can book a cabin and enjoy yoga classes while taking occasional skiing breaks. The scenery is breathtaking. Even the yoga room overlooks the ski hill. To learn more, please visit Big Sky

India: Another great retreat in India welcomes only experienced yogi. To practice Iyengar yoga at the BKS Iyengar Institute, you need to have at least eight years of yoga classes up your sleeve. Iyengar is not a practice – it’s a way of life, which integrates emotions together with mind and body. There are props available at the location, with which you can perfect any asana. To learn more, please visit BKS Iyengar Institute.

This is just a small list of retreats around the world, welcoming both beginners and experienced yoga practitioners. Where will you take your next yoga vacation?

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